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I put the idea of HappyCow on hold until November 1999 while I was living in India.
I wasn't sure at the time exactly how a project like this could be managed, but there was some inspiration, and I felt compelled to take it on. I am a world traveler and have lived, worked, and traveled to over 50 countries in the past 25 years. I have been a vegetarian for about that long and have often found it difficult to find good places to eat and stay healthy while traveling.
¡Goce el Veg*un Lifestyle! Dedicado al vegetarian/la receta de vegan lista, y las listas actualizadas del restaurante y revisiones para mejorar su veg la experiencia que cena. Sobre 2000 + veg*un restaurante indica y 4500 + veg de poca crema*una recetas para ayudar el hallazgo su próxima comida de veg rápidamente.
Vegetarians and vegans planning trips to China often have questions about how to find acceptable cuisine.
This page aims to answer your questions by familiarising you with the historical, cultural and practical implications of being vegetarian in this fascinating part of the world.
Although this site is based upon my own experience as a vegetarian, information for vegans is also provided.